About Us

My name is Lee Koren Stern, happily married with 2 adorable children. I was born in a beautiful city called Nikolaev in the Ukraine. This city is known as the city of the boat builders. During my childhood, we didn't have Internet & smartphones. We used to go outside and enjoy nature, climb trees and eat their fruit. 

From a young age, my mother used to sew special outfits from different fabrics, mainly for the New Year celebrations. I was charmed by the dressmaking and all my dolls had a full wardrobe. I remember at age 13, I cut my fathers t-shirt and made a set of a skirt and blouse. It was a piece of art and I felt it was so good since I didn't even get punished. 

Later, after moving to Israel with my family I got into the normal routine of school, college, husband, children and a job. Like everybody, I was in a hurry in the progress of life and felt I was doing something wrong. In the progress of life, we lose the connection with nature, lose energy and stay in the "safe zone" of our job. I am sure many of you who are reading this page, feel the same way. I started changing my personal point of view and started once again to love and respect everything that surrounds me. I was going through a process of cleaning myself from all the unnecessary beliefs, emotions and views that were holding me back. I always told myself that I should do what I love and I chose to
overcome all obstacles and follow my dream after I have embraced a new way of life! Today I am a fashion designer and I am very proud to present my creations.

My Motto in life is Love & Harmony and I try to follow the energy of these two powerful words every day I want to tell you that when I design, it feels like flying! It brings me a lot of joy and my customers always say that the clothes look like they were blessed with good energy. 

I only work with soft quality fabrics that provide a gentle touch and texture that will feel good to wear. My designs are both sophisticated but at the same time comfortable. Most of my clothes can be used on a day to day basis and not only on special occasions. I love to design and my favorite items are unique printed skirts and skirts in general, cotton blouses, casual clothing, evening clothing and cocktail clothing. Many of the clients provide me with their measurements and I prepare their order accordingly. I am here for you and looking forward to designing your new favorite clothes. 

For any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.