Welcome to Li,
My name is Lee and I personally designed all the clothes you see on my online shop.
My Motto in life is Love & Harmony. I believe that the combination of the two is one of the most important things we have in life. When we are filled with love we want to create new things and share those with others. Moreover, we want to share our happiness with everyone around us and express kindness without expecting something in return.

Why Li? There are so many options out there - many fashion designers and brands.
But, if you are looking for clothes made of quality fabrics, practical, complementary designs that are made with a lot of joy, you are in the right place.
I will be happy to hear your reviews on my work and if you need a custom-made design- tailored to your measurements, please contact me. I will be
happy to help.
Enjoy my e-shop! From my heart to yours,
Sincerely, Lee.

Costumers Say:

As a very happy costumer, I would like to recommend purchasing from LeeK.S Design I bought two beautiful dresses. I received personal and professional attention. Lee was also very attentive to every detail I wanted to change. In addition to the amazing fabrics, the dresses were tailored perfectly and I love how they fit me!

Thanks Lee!

Chagit Manor